Meet the Flock

I love my chickens and they are often the characters in my stories.  Naturally they deserve a little lime light all their own.

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Goldilocks is best friends with Gloria since they have been together since they were chicks. You’ll often see them together around the yard or in the coop.

Buff Orpington hen


Gloria is the big, fluffy, grandmotherly girl of the group.   I often find her sitting on her egg(s).  Gloria was named after one of the penguins in the movie Happy Feet because as a chick she looked like a baby penguin.

Blue Cochin hen


Speckles is my kooky girl.  She’s a bit of an oddball who hops around the yard and is so fun to watch.  There’s nights I go to count them and she’ll still be wandering outside oblivious to the fact that everyone else is back in the coop.

Barred Rock hen


Fluffy is our sweet, loner.  She was the only egg to hatch out of a group of incubated eggs.  Until she was big enough to join the flock she was raised on her own with a stuffed bear and lego toys for company.  She is often on her own and likes to sneak into the barn and hide her eggs.  One day we found her stash of 19 eggs behind a storage box!

Barnyard Mix hen


Oreo is my boys’ favorite and she is full of personality.  When I’m in the coop I’ll often see her peck at one of the others if they get to close to her.  Sometimes she walks over eyeing my boots like she wants to take a peck at them too! Often you can find her wandering the barn or laying her eggs at the top of the hay bale stack.

Silver Laced Wyandotte hen


Chickaletta was named after the loveable purse chicken on Paw Patrol (my boys’ favorite show).  While I don’t carry her around in a purse like her namesake, her personality does seem quite close.  She is usually the first to run towards me when I walk out with treats and loves pecking around the yard.

Undecided hen

Pie and Baby

Pie and Baby are the twins of the coop and named by my youngest when he was 2yrs old.  Baby was the smallest chick of the group.   They like to roost at the top of the ladder in the coop and fly straight into me when I feed them in the evening.  Every evening! 

Pie is more brown with black and Baby is more black with brown.

Golden Laced Wyandotte hens


Godiva is my Chocolate Orpington hen and she is a beauty befitting her name.

Chocolate Orpington

Blue Girl

Blue Orpington

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is one of my roosters. He is a beautiful Chocolate Orpington. While not snuggle friendly, he is a nice boy who absolutely loves his treats. He got his name because one day I left the sunflower seed can open while working in the barn and I caught him hopping to reach the seeds.

Chocolate Orpington rooster

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue pals around the yard with Hip Hop and Splish Splash. Like many roosters he’s not super friendly, but he also puts up with my boys and loves when they give him treats. He is also enjoys “singing” all day.

Blue Orpington rooster

Splish Splash

Another one of my roosters, although I was in denial over this for a while since he wasn’t crowing. Splish Splash is a sweet boy and gorgeous rooster. While I didn’t really need a third rooster, we really love him.

Splash Orpington rooster