What Do You Do With An Old Gingerbread House?

Why you feed it to your chickens of course!img_7549

My oldest son was adamant about not wanting to throw away our gingerbread barn we built this November.  Initially he wanted to keep it forever and surprisingly the whole thing hadn’t fallen apart over the month it was on display at the library.

After some convincing and explaining that we couldn’t keep the gingerbread barn forever on display in our house, we settled on sharing it with our chickens.  To be honest, I much preferred finding an alternative to simply throwing it all away in the trash too.  That just felt like a waste.

Off to the barn we went with our little, edible barn treat.

It was fun to watch the chickens explore this new item we added to their coop and figure out it was edible.  One of the roosters was the first brave one to start pecking at the roof followed by another rooster.  Once they discovered it was edible and safe, the hens started in on it too.



I’ll have to update with how the gingerbread barn looks after a whole night of being devoured (probably walked and pooped on too) by the chickens.