The Battle At Cedar Coop

It started as an ordinary day, but little did I know later that day the boys and I would stumble upon the location of a great battle that will not soon be forgotten on the farm…

An invite to go snake hunting from the boys’ cousins led us towards the barn and Cedar Coop (a different coop and flock than mine).

A commotion in the coop could be heard as we walked down the hill. Wondering if the chicken door had not been opened caused us to stop in and check on them.

The door was open, but the rooster was lying, injured in front of the door.  As I went to check on him, the boys collected eggs and the hens wandered outside.

I carried the rooster out, off the battlefield, to assess and clean his wounds while my boys and their cousins went off on their snake hunting adventure.

His mouth was caked in blood and feathers and his one eye was closed.  I decided he would come home with me to hopefully recover in the garage.

As we left the barn I again heard a commotion from the hens.  With the rooster in my arms I went back into the coop.  All the hens appeared fine, but then I heard a noise next to me.

Assuming it was a mouse (we have plenty of those) I turned toward the raised platform the water tank sits on only to see a pair of big, yellow eyes staring at me.

Definitely not a mouse!  I ran out of there fast as I could with the rooster still in my arms.

Sitting on top of the water tank was a Great Horned Owl!  Even with the large, people door open the owl simply sat there staring at us.  Now we knew whom our brave rooster had been battling inside the coop.

Thankfully Sir Braveheart the Owl Slayer, as I have begun calling the rooster since this great battle took place, defended his home and his hens valiantly.  Not a single hen was lost to the owl who has, thankfully, not been seen since flying the coop.  Sir Braveheart has fully recovered with only minor battle scars.  He did indeed lose his one eye, but is happily back protecting the hens of Cedar Coop.

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