Cluck Cluck Books: The Chicken Who Saved Christmas!

By Daniel Howarth

Oh my goodness!!!

This was one of those books I picked up for our 12 Days of Christmas Books second hand somewhere during the year simply because it sounded cute (and was glittery).  I was definitely not disappointed by the story!

Did you know Santa has an entire farm along with his reindeer and on that farm is one pretty amazing chicken?

It’s almost Christmas Eve and Santa is in bed sick.  Who will pack the sleigh with gifts?  Who will help Santa to feel better?  Santa’s chicken of course!

Chicken rallies the other animals to help her make sure Christmas doesn’t end up canceled because Santa is sick in bed right before Christmas Eve.   Chicken is a great delegator as she gives all the animals tasks to help prepare the sleigh and care for Santa.

When it is finally time for Santa to leave for his annual ride the reindeer are discovered to have eaten too much and unable to fly with full bellies.  How will chicken solve the newest problem?    I don’t want to give everything away.  You’ll have to read the story yourself to find out.

Besides a sweet story with a chicken hero, the illustrations in this book are cute and feature glittery pictures at the end when Christmas is saved.

Santa is very grateful for his resourceful little chicken who has indeed saved Christmas for everyone.  He has a wonderful surprise for chicken at the end of the story to show his appreciation.

I can’t wait to read this one again next Christmas!

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