Cluck Cluck Books: Blue Chicken!

Meet the first book in my Cluck Cluck Books series,

Blue Chicken
Written and Illustrated by Deborah Freedman

The first time we read this book I thought it was really cute, but wasn’t sure what my boys would think of it. I’m surprised sometimes by what books they like or don’t like. Well, with this book there were no worries. It quickly became a favorite of theirs and has been requested almost every night since we checked it out.

This is a delightful story about farm animals within a picture and one chicken that accidently get into some blue paint.  The story begins saying the picture is almost done, except for the barn and it’s a good day for painting the barn.  The one chicken appears to want to help, but instead spills the blue paint, causing all kinds of trouble with the other chickens and farm animals.

On top of being a fun story, this would be a great book when teaching the color blue as this is the only color the chicken topples over and is a focus in the book.

“Once purple pansies now bloom blue. ” –Blue Chicken

The illustrations in this book are lovely and full, covering the pages without being too busy or overwhelming.  My boys enjoy looking at the pictures as the chickens and other animals turn blue from the spilled paint.  The detail in the illustrations include the yellow ducks turning blue while still having some spots in between that look green as the blue gets on their yellow feathers.

This is definitely a book we will continue to enjoy and I am looking forward to finding more books by this author.