Cluck Cluck Books

Guess what?  I like chickens!  And I like writing about them!  Oh wait, you already knew that?

Well in case you didn’t know already, I find great joy in raising my chickens and I enjoy writing children’s stories about my chickens.  One of the important things to do when writing is to be familiar with books in the genre you’re writing.  For me this is fairly easy since I have two young children and we read books together daily.  Seriously, I am way more familiar with children’s books than any adult books.

Since my chickens are the featured characters in a number of my stories I decided to search for children’s books specifically featuring chickens.  We love our local library and are there at least once a week so I started there in my search.  I have found some wonderful chicken book gems already.  As I continue to find these fabulous books I will share them with you.

Along with children’s fiction books such as The Chicken Who Saved Christmas and Blue Chicken, I will include some nonfiction books for those wishing to share the joys of chicken raising with their kids.

All these books will be in a series of posts titled “Cluck Cluck Books.”

I look forward to sharing all our eggtastic book finds!

The first up will be one of my boys’ new favorites, Blue Chicken.