Why Are There Eggs on the Mantle?

Recently I placed six eggs on the fireplace mantle.

Ten days later those six eggs on the mantle had grown into 24 eggs and were moved to the incubator.

Twenty days after that, I heard the first couple “peep peeps” as I went to empty the dryer.

Hatch day wasn’t until the next day, but clearly two chicks were a little impatient.

There isn’t much that’s cuter than a baby chick and there is nothing quite like seeing a chick push its way out of that tiny egg as it breaks into this world.  Add in the excitement and wonder of two little boys into the mix and it’s just about magical.  My oldest almost immediately asked if we could incubate more eggs after this first group finished hatching (we just placed a few more eggs in the incubator this past weekend 😁).

In all my Crazy Chicken Lady glory I have decided I want to try breeding my chickens and hatching their eggs with the plan of selling the chicks.  I’m not quite fully set up to have the breeds separated the way I want them, but like those two little chicks I was impatient and decided to hatch a batch of mixed chicks from my flock.  Thus leading to my storing eggs on the fireplace mantle and subsequent incubation.

After those initial two early bird chicks I woke up on hatch day to five more chicks in the incubator.  They continued to hatch through the day until the last one hatched about 10:30pm.

The over all process of hatching can take quite a while, but once that baby chick gets to the end where it’s cracking the egg open it can go pretty fast.  Thankfully we checked at the right time to see one hatching. 

I love being able to share these special experiences with my boys.  Watching their faces as they peered through the little incubator window at that beak pecking at the egg until a tiny, wet chick fell out and lay exhausted on the incubator floor.  It’s one of the many joys of raising them on the farm.