Cluck Cluck Books: Tillie Lays an Egg!

Tillie Lays An Egg
Written by Terry Golson Photography by Ben Fink

Oh have we enjoyed this book!  What’s extra special is the pictures are all photographs of Tillie and her flock friends.  Tillie’s a real chicken!

The photographs are beautiful and the story is super cute and as a chicken owner completely relatable. 

Tillie the chicken doesn’t want to wait her turn for the nesting boxes to lay her egg each day so instead she finds unique places to lay her egg.  One day she is in the garden, another day she is in the laundry room.  Meanwhile all the other chickens think that Tillie just isn’t laying eggs since she isn’t going in the nesting boxes.

The teacher in me also appreciates the learning extensions that could go along with this book. For younger children who are learning their days of the week, Tillie goes through an entire week of laying her eggs in different places.  This could be used as an activity to match the places with the days of the week.  It would also make for an easy way to check comprehension.

There are pictures of all the chickens in the flock on the inside cover and older children could use those pictures as a starting point to research the different breeds.

Lastly the book could be used as a writing prompt where children could write a story featuring one of the other chickens in the flock.

My boys and I really enjoyed this book and for me I loved seeing the use of photography in this book as an alternative to illustrations.  As I write my stories the illustrations are always a concern for me because I’m not artistic in that way.   It was nice to see such a beautiful alternative.

Tillie Lays An Egg is definitely another book we’ll be reading again and I will keep in my mind for learning extensions for my boys.