Crazy Chicken Lady!

“Mommy is insane.  Your mommy is crazy.  Just so you both know.”

That is what I told my boys as we pulled into the feed store parking lot for the second day in a row.  The first time we were there for more chicken feed, especially for the chicks.  Those little things eat a lot!

One of our new Easter Egger Chicks

Now the second time we were there was for a few more chicks.  I have been looking for adding some colored egg layers to our flock, but not having much luck locally.  The feed store had some beautiful Easter Egger chicks and after thinking about it for a day I decided what would it hurt to add a few more chicks to my THREE brooder boxes in the garage.  Never mind that I currently have four fertilized eggs in the incubator that are due to hatch the day before Easter.

Most chicken owners probably know the concept of chicken math or have at least heard of it.  Basically chicken math says that once you get a couple chickens you will continue to seek out more and keep finding room to add to your flock along with some interesting counting techniques.

Your coop isn’t big enough for more birds? 
No problem.  Add on to it.  Build a second coop.  Whatever you do chicken math says get the chickens.

You already have x number of chickens?
Yes, but they might not all be laying or you might want more color variety in the eggs they lay or there’s a really good deal for a breed you don’t have.

McIntyre Poultry has a great list of Chicken Rules on their Facebook page.

Here is the breakdown of the current chicken math for our flock:

Main coop
3 roosters
     *One of these boys is currently for sale.
     *Another one is required for breeding projects.
5 one year old hens, currently laying
    *One was hatched by my nephews and technically isn’t mine
3 two year old hens
     *2 lay inconsistently
     *1 doesn’t lay and has confirmation issues

Small coop
1 rooster
2 laying hens
    *These three are temporarily moved here to easily collect purebred eggs for incubating

Brooder box 1
5 assorted one month old standard size chicks
     *These were specifically picked for breeding projects
1 three week old chick from my previous hatch
     *This chick is only staying if it turns out to be a hen

Brooder box 2
5 one month old Bantam chicks
6 new Easter Egger chicks
     *But 3 are a surprise for my father in law

Brooder box 3
12 three-week-old chicks
     *But they don’t count because they are all for sale

4 fertilized eggs
     *But they don’t count because “you don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched.”

Per chicken math I only have 14 chicks in my brooder boxes and 10 in my coops.  Unless I include the rule that Bantams don’t count as chickens as they’re Bantams, then I only have 9 chicks in my brooders.

Now that seems like a much more reasonable number. 😉